Meet Our Brand Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors are energized by the great outdoors: fresh air, stunning landscapes and endless possibilities.   

Their adventures inspire, their passion consumes and most of all, they are devoted enthusiasts that live for that next epic adventure!

John Gibbs / Hometown: Weare, New Hampshire
Karen Yuckert / Hometown: Ellensburg, Washington
Mike Duffy / Hometown: Avon, Colorado
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You’d be hard pressed to find a person who wears his passion for the sport of snowmobiling and the Ski-Doo brand any louder and prouder than John Gibbs. A lifelong snowmobiler who lives and breathes anything and everything remotely close to the sport, Gibbs brings that excitement – and his hearty New England accent – to every other snowmobiler he encounters. A resident of Weare, New Hampshire, you’ll find him enjoying the spoils of those legendary Nor’easters every chance he gets.  John's best moments include backpacking with family and friends from cabin to cabin out in the wilderness riding through storms and all different types of terrain. "We all had so many laughs and so much fun.  A lot of my best memories come from snowmobiling and Ski-Doo has always been a big part of that."

Beyond sleds, John rides ATVs, Side-by-Sides, Sea-Doo watercraft and enjoy hiking, camping, racing and pretty much anything to do with the outdoors and sports.  In addition, John is the founder of Ski-Doo /Lynx Owners Club Facebook group with over 54K active followers from all over the country!

John's real job?  He owns and operates a construction company!

Current Sleds:  2022 Mach Z & 2022 Renegade X-RS

2022 MACH Z
2022 Renegade X-RS & 2022 MACH Z
Best Memories Are Riding With Family & Friends



Hey there!


I'm Karen Yuckert, Ambassador for SkiDoo Outlet and thier sister company, Ride Outdoors. I live on top of Manastash Mountain in Ellensburg, Washington at an elevation of 3,000ft. I love living here, it's so great that I'm able to leave right from my front door to endless trails and back country terrain. Aside from powersports I also enjoy barrel racing with my horses at rodeos, and managing our 30-acre horse and cattle ranch where I give riding lesson and put on horse camps for ages 3 and up fro April to November. During the Spring and Summer, I enjoy riding my quads and side by-side up to a place called Funny Rocks. It is a popular destination place known by jeepers and rock crawlers for extreme boulder climbing.



I am definately a Back Country rider and love every aspect of that challenging terrain. To side hill on a slope and master the good ol’ “J” hook, well there is just nothing like it. Picking a line though the trees and coming out on the other side to a big meadow of deep powder is breath taking. Climbing to tops of mountains and working your way back down is just the most challenging and exciting sense of accomplishment I have ever felt. Plus I am a big sucker for all the wildlife and beauty Washington has to offer.



I have to say that my favorite piece of gear is my 509 heated goggles. That is a game changer for me.  I love that with a click of a button I can defrost my goggles and not worry about if I can see or not. If my lens gets frosted from all the powder collecting on it and can also easily swap out the lens just as easily. I've just recently switched the gear I am wearing form DSG bib and jacket to a Klim Alpine jacket and Klim Togwotee bibs, and let me tell you I love them. I thought I would get cold with just the shell but layering with a DSG D-tech base layer and a Ski-Doo Muskoka pull over and I've honestly never stayed warmer while riding. I also really love my Klim Boa boots, the BOA is a game changer and I've really enjoyed them! For gloves I'm currently wearing Klim Women's Bombshell gloves and they have kept my hands warm and dry every time so no complaints there.



I am a Surgical Veterinary Technician (Anesthetist) for a 6-doctor practice specializing in orthopedics and rehabilitation.  I love my job because I get to be with animals all day; there's just something about their energy that brings comfort to me. So to be able to help them and send them home, to live happy normal lives, is so rewarding. I have been a technician for over 25 years now and still love it like it was my first day. The variety of cases that we see daily can keep things exciting and it keeps my skill set on-point.



"I am going to say that my trip to Wyoming has far surpassed any kind of riding I have ever done.  It was this trip that introduced me to all the other women that share the passion for snowmobile riding that I do. Girls from all over the world came to ride and explore the mountain.  Up until this point in my life, I had only ridden with men and never really knew the fundamentals of riding a sled, I had to figure it out all on my own. It was fast and steep riding and I did a lot of watching and trying to keep up with the guys.  I was in awe to know that so many other women were in the same boat as me and to have them all gather at one location was magic.  We had 2 snowmobile mechanics with us (both women) that when the sleds broke or things went wrong, they were jumping in to help us get them back up and running. Or, if you got stuck, there were 10 girls there to help you get unstuck. It was so awesome to see the support and compassion these women had for each other!  It’s a memory I will never forget."


What advice do you have for Women who want to get into snowmobiling?

Get into a Women's Clinic! Borrow a sled if you have to, but just take charge and do it. Women are going to be your best teachers when it comes to learning how to ride because those instructors already know the tips and tricks on how to use your unique abilities and structure as a woman to do the same things men can do. And, yes, you have to ride differently because you are different. Riding as men do isn't going to work as well for you as it will for them.

At my first women's clinic I was in awe over how many women are out there and riding, I just never thought there would be as many as there were. I learned an incredible amount and made many new friends that I could learn from. 

One of the biggest things to know when going to a clinic is that you need to keep an open mind. Be open to different people teaching you and the advice they are giving you because their way might work better for you. 

And lastly, know this. You are enough. You are good enough. You can learn. Yes, they will teach you. And, if you come across a group that tells you otherwise, that makes you feel like you aren't good enough, find another group.



  • 2021 Summit X with Expert Package (850 E-TEC Turbo)
  • 2018 Polaris Pro RMK 800
2018 Polaris Pro RMK 800 155 / 2022 FXR Monosuit
Newest Member Of The Team: 2021 Summit X with Expert Package (850 E-TEC Turbo)
Enjoying The Great Outdoors during a Ladies Ride in Halfway, OR Co-Sponsored by
It Just Doesn't Get Any Better Than This!



Mike has been a Mountain Snowmobiler for 30 years.  He owns & operates Avalanche1 – an organization that provides Professional avalanche education for mountain riders.
Mike’s certifications & accomplishments include:

  • Avalanche Instructor for 25 years teaching classes nationwide.
  • Certified instructor American Avalanche Association.
  • Backcountry Guide/riding instructor.
  • Selected to teach free Ski-Doo avalanche seminars in the U.S. since 2011.
  • Published articles in American Snowmobiler, The Avalanche Review, Snowest, OnSnow and more.
  • U.S. Course provider American Avalanche Association.
  • Teaching at American Avalanche Institute, Alaska Avalanche School and Silverton Avalanche School.
  • Rescue/avalanche team leader/ Vail Mountain Rescue Group.
  • Graduate of National Avalanche School, National Academy of Winter Guiding, AVPRO & Professional Avalanche Search & Rescue.
  • Provided training for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, Yamaha, FBI HRT and Navy Seals.




BCA is the most trusted name in Backcountry Safety.  As a certified avalanche instructor – Mike relies on BCA Gear.  His current set-up includes:

  • BCA Float Mountain Pro Vest Avalanche Airbag 2.0
  • BCA BC Link™ Group Communications Two Way Radio
  • BCA Mountain Pro Tunnel Bag

Mike is also a huge fan of Klim Riding Gear!

  • Mike loves the new Klim Adrenaline boot. “Riding 6 days most weeks and the new sole material is amazing.  These boots work! Warm, dry, supportive and comfortable.”

Dirt Biking & Whitewater kayaking keeps Mike busy and fit during summer!  

“I get asked what gear I wear on my trips. We had to prepare for snow to 85 degrees. This is what I brought. Head to Toe.  Klim gear works and is extremely durable. Worth the $. I’m still on my original Dakar pants from 5 years ago. Friends rip cheaper pants in one season.”

  • Klim F5 Helmet.
  • Klim Viper Pro off road goggle with tear offs.
  • Synthetic t-shirt.
  • Klim Dakar or Mojave jersey depending on temperature.
  • Klim Stow Away Jacket. Great for the rain and packs down into one of the pockets.
  • Klim puffy jacket. New version is called Override jacket.
  • Fox elbow pads over jacket or jersey.
  • Klim vented sock. Feet will perspire less.
  • Klim Dakar Pants. Covers a wide range of temps with zippered vents.
  • BCA shin guards
  • Klim Dakar glove
  • Klim Inversion Pro Glove- for the cold days.
  • Gaerne GX-1 boots.

“All these products have served me well over the years on many extended trips in all types of weather and up to 13000’. Having the right gear makes all the difference, especially on 200+ mile days and over 8 hours on the bike. The bike is a 2009 KLX 250 with a Bill Blue 351 kit and plenty of mods. GPS used is a Garmin Montana 680t along with a Garmin IN Reach Explorer. Good riding partners who can deal with any weather are essential. No whining when you’re 40 miles from any type of building. Hope this helps, Mike Duffy.”


Current Sled

  • 2022 Summit X 
Mike Duffy With His Ski-Doo Summit X 165
Learning The Skills That Save A Life!
Do you know how to do stability tests? It would be a lot cooler if you did.
Utah Backcountry Discovery Route April 2021

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